See our radio broadcast schedule below or head to All stations stream live! Our Guests: Shannon Goessling, Ex Dir of Southeastern Legal Foundation & Josephine County, Sheriff Gil Gilbertson This week:  In the first half of our show we talk with Shannon Goessling to get her from-the-trenches insights.  Her organization, the Southeastern Legal Foundation, has been fighting the EPA’s effort to control carbon dioxide

GuestMargaret Byfield

See our radio broadcast schedule below or head to All stations stream live! Our Guests: Darpana Sheth, Attorney & Margaret Byfield, Executive Director This week: We all know the overreach of big government has gotten far too big and it seems every week we hear more and more horror stories of government exceeding its reach.  A massive government with unlimited power (at least one that presently

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton The Progressive/Communist movement in the United States is doubling down in their efforts to catapult America into full-blown Marxism, led by such luminaries as these at The New Populism Conference: Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) Larry Cohen – President, Communications Workers of America Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) Robert Borosage – Co-Director, Campaign for America’s

Trevor Loudon Enemies Within By: Dick Manasseri Michiganders, like other Americans, are increasingly alarmed by the lightning speed with which their Constitutional Republic is losing ground to the Lyin’ ‘King’, given his Administration’s contempt for the truth.Most low information voters are still in denial.But, the reality of dead Americans, in Benghazi and in the “care” of the single-payer VA, is causing previously apathetic Michigan citizens to wonder how

See our radio broadcast schedule below or head to All stations stream live! Our Guest: Meteorologist Chuck Wiese & Congressman Tom McClintock This week: It used to be that “climate change” discussions were peppered with dire predictions and warnings that if we don’t do something (usually, this involved spending a lot of taxpayer monies) that we’d all be doomed. Hurricanes, tidal waves, ice caps melting, droughts,

Enemies Within, Russia, China, Trevor Loudon

Submitted by Trevor on May 12, 2014 – 6:07 am EST Great article by Tom DeWeese. My only small complaint is that Tom doesn’t emphasis enough the degree to which Russia and China are working in tandem to bring down the United States. By: Tom DeWeese American Policy Center For the past few decades the Communist regime of China has been driving toward world supremacy,

Enemies Within, Trevor Loudon, Terresa Monroe-Hamilton, China, Intelligence

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton Color me not surprised in the least. Trevor Loudon and I have warned you for years that there is a very real connection between Barack Obama, his Administration, Russia and China. It’s one thing to claim there are direct ties, it’s another to catch these governments in bed together. Judicial Watch has done just that and my hat is off to them.

David T. Hardy, Sr. Attorney NRA, I Spy Radio

See our radio broadcast schedule below or head to All stations stream live! Our Guest: David T. Hardy, Constitutional Scholar and Senior Attorney for the NRA This week: We’re sure you know that the 2nd Amendment is part of our Bill of Rights. But did you know that at the time it was written, it was not a new or unique concept?  The natural right

Accuracy in Media, Voting, James M. Simpson, Enemies Within, Voter Corruption

Submitted on by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton on May 8, 2014 – 2:43 pm EST By: James Simpson Accuracy in Media [updated 1:00 p.m. 5-9-14] It is difficult to describe the enormity of the crime being committed by the Obama administration and their Democratic allies. They flagrantly flout the law, while simultaneously turning it into a weapon against political opponents, use government agencies to target innocent

I Spy Radio, Pacific Freedom Foundation, Land Use, Oregon

See our radio broadcast schedule below or head to All stations stream live! Our Guest: President of American Lands Council, Utah Rep. Ken Ivory This week: Here in Oregon, 53% of our land is held in trust by the federal government, which locks away access to natural resources and deprives our state of revenues.  Right now, Oregon’s lands are being managed by people in