Written by Fred Starkey

More School Debt? No.

I have lived in Springfield for 25 years and every election cycle The School District wants more taxes. In 2006 the Springfield News published “Oregon’s Grand Delusion” where I stated that PERS cost of payroll would go from 12% to 28%: today it is 28%: a perfect forecast. *3

This means: the first 28 cents of every tax dollar you pay first goes to PERS.

This is always the reason for more money.

The average salary including benefits is now $85,000 per year.

The average 30 year PERS pension at age 55 is $50,000 per year with a 2% COLA until death.  To fund this in the private sector requires a savings of 1.5 million plus. We need more taxes?

Do you understand the word: GREED?

When they retire they are exempt from paying State Taxes.

Do you truly understand the word GREED?

It was the President of the American Teachers Association, Al Shanker, who stated: “We have a lemon factory, and we are producing 85% lemons”.

He added: “for the most you are getting incompetent and illiterate people”.

This is for both teachers and administrators. Public Schools should be re-classified as a Disease.

I do not have the space to cover their financial mis-management of our tax dollars. But I can document and verify a loss of over 70 million.*2

[I can be a speaker for your organization to explain it to you: call me] (541) 726-4234

National School Testing:

ACT: only 34% took the test in Oregon: Oregon is in the bottom 25%.

Home Schools test better than 86% of those who attend public schools.  It costs $500 per year to fund a home schooler, while it costs $10,000 per student in public schools.*3

For now: NO MORE TAXES:   There is a light in the firmament, which hopefully will be published in this paper in the near future.

*3: Dr. Gary North: Ron Paul Curriculum


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Fred M. Starkey is a former Lead Long-Term Analyst for Shearson Lehman and American Express out of NYC. After turning down a lead analyst position with Merrill Lynch and Pru Bache/NYC, he was recruited by Stoltler and Company and moved to Oregon. He is now a private consultant to many firms involved in commodities and those involved in trading and investing: Banks, S&L’s, Mortgage Companies, Grain Elevators, Cotton Mills, Growers, Merchants, Duck Farms, Soybean Crushers, Bullion Buyers, and much more. His financial acumen and 12 years of research into PERS have revealed the real truth behind what he calls Oregon State’s “PERS Ponzi.” A long-term resident of Springfield, Oregon, Fred has been married 43 years and is the father of six.

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