Thanks to Obamacare, 15-Year-old girls now able to request sterilization, free of any parental notification

Obamacare Mandate reported that Obamacare regulation took effect on August 1, 2012. Healthcare plans will now be required to provide free sterilizations to 15-year-old girls, even if the parents of those girls do no consent to the procedure. The response from politicians and bureaucrats was swift. “Well Sterilization has been on the books for years.” Yes that is true and came about in the days when the state institutionalized people who couldn’t take care of themselves let alone create families. The change is mandated in Section 2713 and according to the Institute of Medicine (IOM) who defined reproductive capacity from the time of menarche to menopause. Menarche is the beginning of menstruation again, on average, about the age of 12 for American women. In the State of Oregon, the Governor Dr. John Kitzhaber and President Barack Obama granted Oregon $1.9 Billion to implement the Oregon Health Authority in accordance with all the provisions of ObamaCare. Oregon Legislature bought the program, hook line and sinker. Now Community Care Organizations will begin the process implementation. Where is there a better place to start? The Salem-Keizer school district, where Planned Parenthood was granted full access to the students to teach sexuality and sterilization. Each of the following pieces of legislation were taken from the Oregon Legislative website and include only the wording of the engrossed pieces of legislation passed by both houses of the Oregon Legislature and signed by the Governor and Secretary of State, et al. The only modification was to properly outline the bills so they are easier to read and comprehend instead of relying on the system used by the Oregon Legislature to obfuscate and confuse the reader. It is a simple task to make legislation readable by employing proper outlining methodology which the Legislative Counsel seems incapable of doing.