Trevor Loudon Speaks From The Heartland

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August 2012: The full 50-minute presentation by researcher, blogger, and speaker Trevor Loudon, of Christchurch, New Zealand. Loudon’s material is drawn from his research for his 2011 book, “Barack Obama and the Enemies Within.” member, SyverCyber writes,  “WOW! WOW! WOW! If you have never heard Trevor Loudon speak, make every possible effort to GO! He speaks simply, clearly and directly. Very powerful speaker. Very intelligent researcher. Trevor Loudon has done exhaustive, extensive research about Obama, American government and world government for many years, culminating in his book, ‘Obama and the Enemies Within’. Get Mr. Loudon’s book and go hear him speak!”

April 2012: Trevor Loudon Meets We The People. Vancouver Washington. Well worth the time to watch.

March 2012. Part 1. Trevor Loudon speaks in a lecture in Colorado about his inspiration for his life’s work and why the cause of freedom depends on the United States. He believes America is the last best hope for the world and if freedom falls here, it will fall everywhere. Detailed and important historical and current information.

March 2012: Part 2. Trevor Loudon speaks in a Q & A session in Colorado. After speaking during the first session, Trevor takes questions from the attendees.

August 2012: Trevor Loudon speaks at the annual Illinois Tea Party Leadership Convention.