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I Spy Radio, launched in 2011, is in its second year. Located in Stayton, Oregon, the show is hosted by small-business owner and a political junkie, Mark Anderson. Mark is an award-winning writer and editor. He has 20+ years experience in fiction and nonfiction and has several screenplay and production credits.

Every week I Spy Radio Show presents interesting guests and topics of importance to to freedom-loving patriots. Now you don’t need to miss any of the shows. We’ve linked the prior two year’s shows for your education and interest through this I Spy Radio Archive collection.

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Show 3-14 (May 4, 2013):The Green Bible: IPCC Report.” we talk with Alec Rawls, an economist and statistician who leaked an advance copy of the UN’s official IPCC report on global warming. We’ll talk about the flaws, how they jimmy the numbers to make cooling sound like warming, and how they take what should be a novel and make it sound like the gospel truth.

I Spy Radio Archive Mic PhotoShow 3-14 (April 27, 2013):De-Greening.” First it was leaked emails of ClimateGate a couple years back. Now, the data is showing that the earth is cooler than their best worst case scenario. And don’t forget a long track record of doom that just, well, never happened. Yep. Belief in global warming is cooling. But it continues to soak up literally billions of dollars. And there’s a plan right now to take even more public money and blow it on this scam. What’s it going to take to stop the money pipeline? We talk with Dr. Tim Ball about it — and their next target.

I Spy Radio Archive Mic PhotoShow 3-16 (April 20, 2013): “Coming Changes to Health Care: Health Exchange Part 2“. Changes to health care are coming up fast. Recently, even some democrats have admitted it’s going to be a lot more expensive. But more than that, millions of people will be losing their insurance plans — not a year from now, but it’s coming up in just a few months. This is a show you need to hear because the Republicans in the House sure aren’t doing anything to stop this. It’s coming and it’s likely going to come for you.
And we talk with Rep. Ken Ivory (UT), who is always a fantastic guest to talk about the Constitution and how the States can act to protect themselves.

I Spy Radio Archive Mic PhotoShow 3-15 (April 13, 2013):Coming Changes to Health Care: Health Exchange Part 1.” Like it or not (and we don’t), health care exchanges are coming. This last week, a Bloomberg News article reported that just to set up the mandatory exchanges it was going to cost $4.4 billion–twice what Obama had promised. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Just wait until you hear the long list of changes coming, none of which is going to save anyone any money. We talk with Lisa Lettenmaier, president of the Oregon Chapter of the National Association of Insurance & Financial Advisors about how all of this is going to affect you.

And we talk with Rep. Ken Ivory (UT), who is always a fantastic guest to talk about the Constitution and how the States can act to protect themselves.

I Spy Radio Archive Mic PhotoShow 3-14 (April 6, 2013):Spotty Science“. Last week we talked about how bad information leads to bad decisions. And in the process, Dr. Zybach said he had some new information on the Spotted Owl — that pesky bird, the bane of the Pacific Northwest economy. Just wait until you hear what Dr. Zybach has to say about the reality behind this fine feathered fib.

And we talk with Rep. Ken Ivory (UT), who is always a fantastic guest to talk about the Constitution and how the States can act to protect themselves.

Show 3-12 (March 23, 2013):Land Use Abuse“. Land-use regulations, whether designed to protect urban or rural areas are prone to abuse. Tune in to find out how things like Urban Renewal Agencies can be set up and through Tax Increment Financing, they skim off funds intended for schools or police or fire departments — all those agencies that are important to the public and which taxpayers thought they were funding. Is it any wonder they’re constantly running short of funds? That’s with guest Rob Taylor.
Also tune in for Randal O’Toole, a senior fellow the Cato Institute, who will explains the effects of all these land-use regulations. Find out how they drive up costs for housing and how they harm communities. Plus, you won’t believe what government built because it was so expensive.

Show 3-10 (March 9, 2013): Oath Keepers Part II. Part II with Stewart Rhodes of the Oath Keepers. We had such a great discussion with Stewart that we’ve decided to hold him over for a second discussion to cover things we just couldn’t get to–like the NDAA, the National Defense Authorization Act, and more on the Constitution, our rights, and what people can do to defend their rights.

Show 3-9 (March 2, 2013):Oath Keepers Part 1. We hear a lot about the government wanting to take away guns–and their efforts to enact gun control laws. Sen. Feinstein is trying on the federal level to restrict guns. NY State has already passed new gun control laws. Washington tried to pass one. Oregon just introduced one that would virtually outlaw modern weapons and magazines. But any of these laws depend on the military or local police to enforce them, to break into your home on the mere suspicion of you breaking a law—laws that are fundamentally unconstitutional. So what would the military or sheriffs do? Will they obey orders or will they keep their oath to uphold the constitution? This week on the I Spy Radio Show, we talk with Stewart Rhodes, the founder of Oath Keepers. Tune in to hear about things like FEMA camps and what the military might be called on to do. If you think it won’t happen, you might be surprised to find out that many of the things we’re covering have already happened.

Show 3-8 (Feb 23, 2013):Making Sense of Economics.” Due to some technical problems with the phone lines, we had to move our scheduled show until the next week. So this week, we played a best-of I Spy Radio with Jo Nova, who has investigated the billions of dollars that flows through the environmental movement. Click here to jump down to her original air date for the links mentioned during her show.

Show 3-7 (Feb 16, 2013):Making Sense of Economics.” Join us this week and get a little intelligence on economics and tax myths. We start off with one of our favorite guests, U.S. Congressman Tom McClintock to talk about the president’s latest spending binge–er, plan–the coming debt ceiling debate, and McClintock’s 7 steps to prosperity. Then, we talk with economist Dr. Eric Fruits, who’s making his second appearance on I Spy and he debunks seven Tax Myths. Be sure to download his publication, Tax Myths Debunked, which he co-authored on behalf of ALEC (the American Legislative Exchange Council).

Show 3-6 (Feb 9, 2013): The 2nd AmendmentYou can’t defend what you don’t know. So what do you know about the 2nd Amendment? About its history, how the Founding Fathers viewed “militia” and what types of guns first came under gun-control laws and what powers the President has. With Constitutional scholar, David Hardy.

 Show 3-5 (Feb 2, 2013): “North Dakota Check In” (link temporarily unavailable). After watching “Fraknation,” we wondered how things re going in North Dakota. So we’ll be talking with one of the US Senators who has been pushing the Keystone Pipeline as well as talking with Vicky Steiner, the Exec Dir of the Oil and Gas Producing Counties Association to find out how the continuing oil boom has changed North Dakota. Visit www.ndenergy.org.

 Show 3-4 (Jan. 26, 2013):Klamath Basin” Last year, we interviewed Dr. Paul Houser, who’s become known as the “Klamath Whistleblower” for his efforts to expose how the Bureau of Reclamation was misrepresenting the science behind the effort to remove four perfectly good hydroelectric dams on the Klamath River. We wanted to get an update from him and also talk with Marcia Armstrong, a Siskiyou County Supervisor, to hear first hand what they’ve been up against.

Show 3-3 (Jan. 19, 2013):PERS Control” You know you have a problem when even a group like the left-leaning Pew Center says there’s not just a problem with PERS (public employee retirement system) but a big problem with PERS. And, naturally, it’s even worse than what they admit to.

Show 3-2 (Jan. 12, 2012): Gun Rights Under Attack In the wake of the Newtown shootings, there have been knee-jerk reactions by the democrats and especially by Obama to take away gun rights. We talk with gun rights expert, David Codrea about what Obama is trying to do.

In the second half of our show, we talk with rancher Jim Chilton who literally depends on his gun for his life. Listen to his story and what he faces on daily basis and then tell me that he shouldn’t have access to the biggest and most powerful guns out there. Visit the Southern Arizona Cattlemen’s Protective Association (SACPA) and learn more about what these ranchers have to face.

Show 3-1 (Jan. 05, 2012): Best Of I Spy Radio – The Global Warming Skeptic Rebroadcast We hated to open the year with a rebroadcast but due to the holidays, it made scheduling difficult and we won’t go on air with a shoddy show. So we led off with one of our favorites, Dr. Tim Ball. Click here to jump down to his show link, below (Show #42, Nov 12, 2011).

2012 SHOWS

Show 2-47 (Dec. 15, 2012): “Dogs of War & Reagan Remembered” In our last show for 2012, we thought we’d take a lighthearted approach. We start the show by talking with Kathleen Kinsolving, author of Dogs of War – the companion dogs of FRD, Patton, and Eisenhower. And then, in the second half of the show we talk with Ronald Reagan scholar and bestselling author Craig Shirley. It’s a fun and fascinating look back at the Reagan years. It may be our last show for the year but it just might be our favorite.

Show 2-46 (Dec. 8, 2012): “O or No and CCOs.” Obamacare was rushed into being. We had to pass it (or deem it pass, actually). There was a crisis! The same for Oregon’s version of Obamacare, the CCOs–Coordinated Care Organizations. Well, that’s how mistakes are made and we’re beginning to see some holes in their armor. Could we have found the stones to bring these giants down?

Show 2-45 (Dec. 1, 2012): “Fast & Furious and Benghazi.” Two stories that shouldn’t go away. We talk with David Codrea, one of the original investigators into Fast & Furious about what’s really going on, how it happened, and what’s still being investigated. Next, we talk with Debra Burlingame, whose brother was the pilot of Flight 77, which was hijacked and flown into the Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001.

Show 2-44 (Nov. 20, 2012): “Where Do We Go from Here?” According to Greek mythology, when Theseus slew the Minotaur, he used a string to find his way back out of the Labyrinth. Fortunately, we have our own thread–and it leads right back to the Constitution. We talk with Constitutional scholar and states’ rights advocate, Rep. Ken Ivory about how the Constitution gives us the power to take back our rights, to take back our country. Tune in and find out how much power you still have–and where to go from here.

Show 2-43 (Nov. 13, 2012): “Benghazi” America’s most-decorated living veteran, who was awarded both the Medal of Honor (our nation’s highest military award) and the Distinguished Service Cross (our nation’s second-highest military award) for his service in Viet Nam where he flew rescue missions and saved more than 5,000 lives. You can imagine he has a very unique take on what happened in Benghazi, where we left our ambassador behind. We also talk with Barbara Ledeen, the vice president of Women United PAC, which has been investigating Benghazi. She is a long-time military communications specialist and doesn’t hold back about what was happening in the situation room.

Show 2-42 (Nov. 6, 2012): “Obamacare: What next?” Whether Obama loses or Romney wins, one of the biggest policy issues in the next administration will be dealing with Obamacare. Whether it’s undoing it or forcing police-state health care on us, this is one of the biggest issues we’ll face. We go to the source: an honest-to-goodness front-line doctor, Dr. Peter Weiss, to get his take on what needs to be done—and some of the scarier aspects of Obamacare.

Show 2-41 (Oct. 20, 2012): “Conspiracy Theory Week” This week, we talk with nationally known, best-selling author, Dr. Jerome Corsi. You might know him as author of Obama Nation but you probably know him for his investigation into the Obama birth certificate.

Yep, that guy. And we talk about his new book, The Great Oil Conspiracy.

Show 2-40 (Oct. 13, 2012): “Environmental Nonsense” This week, we talk with one of the most influential members of congress, Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CD4, CA). Rep. McClintock is one of those rare individuals who truly understand that the environmental movement has been taken over by the leftist agenda.

And speaking of leftist agendas, we talk with author Holly Swanson about our educational system and how it has been infiltrated by the left. Find out why “educating for sustainability” should send chills up your spine.

Show 2-39 (Oct. 6, 2012): “The Newcomers” Imagine the massive damage Romney could undo if he not only won the presidency but had a full conservative house and senate to back him up. He could dismantle the Dept. of “Education”, untangle years of abusive regulations from the EPA, the Forest Service, and Dept of the Interior–not to mention the biggest anchor around our necks: Obamacare.

We talk with two Congressional candidates, Fred Thompson and Art Robinson, who bring the right kind of experience to Washington. None of this inside the beltway, head-in-a-bubble garbage. Fred has the business background to reorganize, re-prioritize, and trim government; Art has the scientific knowledge to start wading through all the environmental claptrap that’s been strangling our economy.

Show 2-39 (Sept. 29, 2012): “Four More Years of Obama? Impact on Natural Resources” Ranchers and farmers are under constant attack by “environmentalists” and our own government—the EPA and the Forest Service–and their state’s equivalents of these agencies. So what would another 4 years of Obama look like?

Show 2-37 (Sept. 22, 2012): “Four More Years of Obama? Applying 2nd Amendment Rights and the Constitution” A couple weeks ago, we started with the 2nd Amendment but this week, we follow up that theoretical discussion with the application of our 2nd Amendment rights. We interview Mark Walters, the host of Armed America Radio.

Show 2-36 (Sept. 15, 2012): “Four More Years of Obama? Fool Me Twice!” (link coming soon–we apologize for the delay) We talk with Brenda Elliot, author of the NY Times Bestseller, Fool Me Twice about what a second term of Obama would mean–in terms of both domestic and foreign policy.

Show 2-35 (Sept. 08, 2012): “Four More Years of Obama? 2nd Amendment Rights” We start off our series on what could happen with a 2nd term of Obama with a look at our 2nd Amendment rights. Or even if Romney wins, we need to be vigilant because we are where we’re at due to decades of “trusting the government.” Well, not any more.

Show 2-34 (Aug. 11, 2012): “Update on Oregon’s CCOs” The Coordinated Care Organizations officially launched on August 1–but rumor has it the money to fund this fiasco–er, new health plan–still hasn’t arrived.

Shows 2-31, 2-32, and 2-33 (August 18, 25, and Sept. 1 2012): were re-broadcasts of earlier shows with Dr. Michael Coffman (Shows 2-22 and 2-23) and Jonathan Williams (Show 2-12). Please see below for these shows.

Show 2-30 (July 28, 2012):” Exposing the FDA” Congress talks a lot about the high costs of healthcare but don’t ever seem to want to talk about why it’s expensive. The FDA didn’t officially launch until the 1930s but its mission began in 1906 with the passage of the Pure Food and Drugs Act, which prohibited interstate commerce in altered and misbranded food and drugs. But like most government agencies, it has ballooned into a blackhole of regulations and expense–to the taxpayer.

Show 2-29 (July 21, 2012):” States Rights with Utah Rep. Ken Ivory” States rights. Most conservatives talk about them but what rights do states have? And what happened along the way where things went sideways?

Show 2-28 (July 14, 2012): “OSU Fires Dr. Nick Drapela” Five years ago, OSU got rid of state climatologist George Taylor when he disagreed with the party line on global warming. Now, they’re at it again, getting rid of popular chemistry professor, Dr. Nick Drapela.But just wait until you hear one of the likely reasons he was fired–and the chilling effect this has on academic freedom. Seems like Oregon State University has the same tolerance for dissent that Nazi Germany did.

Show 2-26 (June 23, 2012): “Annual Fourth of July Show” It’s our annual Fourth of July Show! Yes, there’s been bad news this week from the Supreme Court, but let’s put that aside for a day and take some time to celebrate our founding.

Show 2-24 (June 23 2012): “Coos County Under Assault” The good people in Coos County are under attack by the environmentalists, including such “beneficent” groups as the Nature Conservancy. Their goal is to steadily buy up private land and “return it to nature”–while making millions to do so.

Show 2-23 (June 9, 2012): “The Great Federal Land Grab (Part 2)” In Part 1 of our interview with Dr. Michael Coffman, the creator of the famous Wild lands Map (or infamous if you’re a big-government, radical environmentalist) we talked about the history of the federal land grab–despite it being unconstitutional.

Show 2-22 (June 2, 2012): “The Great Federal Land Grab (Part 1)” The United States federal government owns approximately 60% of Oregon and 30% of all land in America. And yet the Constitution specifically prohibits the federal government from owning land other than for post offics and post roads, and to build forts, magazines, arsenals, dock-yards, and other needful buildings” with the consent of the state in which they’d be located.

Show 2-21 (May 26, 2012): In honor of Memorial Day, we aired Trevor Loudon’s interview from April 21, 2012 about the very real threat of socialism here in America. To honor those who gave their lives to defend our freedom, it’s important to remember what they fought and died for.

Show 2-20 (May 19, 2012): “Obamacare Comes Early to Oregon Part 2” This last Wednesday, Marion County Commissioners held a public meeting about the Coordinated Care Organization–which will dramatically change how you access healthcare. At least here in Oregon but the rest of the country will get something similar if Obamacare gets past the Supreme Court.

Show 2-19 (May 12, 2012): “Obamacare Comes Early to Oregon: CCOs” Obamacare is currently before the Supreme Court, but thanks to Gov. John Kitzhaber, and to some help from “Republicans” in the state’s House & Senate, Obamacare is coming early to Oregon. Community Care Organizations (CCO), are due to start–not in 2014 like the rest of Obamacare, but as early as next week.

Show 2-18 (May 5, 2012): “Klamath Whistleblow – Rebroadcast” There’ve been a lot of developments since Dr. Houser first appeared on our show. One, was the formation of the California-Oregon Bi-State Alliance, which united five counties in Southern Oregon and Northern California against the Klamath Dam removal.

Show 2-17 (Apr. 28, 2012): “The US Forest Service” If you’ve been listening to the I Spy Radio Show the last few weeks, you know we’ve been following the road closures over in the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest (if you’d like to support the effort, see our “Take Action” tab, above). We talk with Karen Budd-Falen who tells us how the Forest Service could slip one by us (but she also tells us how to stop it).

Show 2-16 (Apr. 21, 2012): “The Very Real Socialist Threat” It wasn’t that long ago that Russia and the communists and socialists were the threat against our American way of life. Somehow, with the fall of the Berlin Wall and end of the Cold War, we seemed to think they slinked back into darkness. But that’s anything but true. Trevor Loudon, investigative journalist from New Zealand and author of Barack Obama and the Enemies Within, joins us for an in-depth interview about socialism, why it’s a threat, and how they operate. You’ll hear why socialists have co-opted the environment and healthcare, the labor movement, the democrat party, and so much more. We even take a peek ahead at this year’s presidential election.

Show 2-15 (Apr. 14, 2012): “America’s Energy Resource & Energy Policy” Oil speculators have taken most of the blame for high gas prices. That, or it’s still George W. Bush’s fault. And, of course, oil speculators are the economic boogeyman. We talk with Dr. Daniel Fine about America’s energy resources, and our Energy Policy. Why are we paying so much at the pump? What role do speculators have in oil prices? And what would we be paying if we truly tapped into our resources? And if Republicans are secretly hoping high gas prices might hurt Obama’s re-election campaign, find out why they may be in for a big surprise.

Show 2-14 (Apr. 7, 2012): “Todd Young & Knute Beuhler” A big part of what we do here at I Spy Radio Show is education and supporting good conservative groups out there that really get it when it comes to turning the country around.

Show 2-13 (Mar. 31, 2012): “Reviewing Peer Review” If you’ve listened to I Spy Radio at all, you know that we spend a lot of time on environmental issues. We do that because it’s strategic. To undo the damage the left has done, you need to go after their foundation and supply lines. And the environment is a huge supply line for everything the left does. And one of the ways the left manipulates the environment is by using peer reviewed science. What does that mean and how do we overcome it? You’ll have to tune in to find out.

Show 2-12 (Mar. 24, 2012): “ALEC’s Rich States, Poor States” There’s a coming knowledge gap this election: those who understand basic principles, like economics, and those who’d like to occupy something–like the unemployment line. We talk with Jonathan Williams of ALEC to get a better understanding of the economy and what actions states take that help or hurt their economies. ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) ranks the states on their economic outlook in their Rich States, Poor States yearly study–which is coming out March 28th. We get an advance look at how Oregon’s doing.

Show 2-10 (Mar. 10, 2012): “Klamath Dam Whistleblower” If you’ve followed the I Spy Radio Show at all, you know we’ve had our eye on the situation down in Klamath. Biased science, un-public public meetings, and pre-determined outcomes. Now, we talk to a whistle blower–a former Bureau of Reclamation scientist who alleges he was fired when he spoke up about the biased summary reports that painted a rosy picture of dam removal. Tune in to hear his story and some of the chilling details of what’s going on behind the veil of secrecy of big government. We talk with a whistle blower from the Bureau of Reclamation, who alleges he was terminated when he spoke up about the bias in the summary reports about dam removal. The science isn’t settled and there are real doubts whether removing the dams will have the rosy effects that dam-removal proponents say it will. Tune in for his incredible allegations and don’t miss how all the hard work to fight the dam removal is starting to pay off.

Show 2-9 (Mar. 3, 2012): “EPA Lawsuit – First Hearing” We’re talking to Shannon Goessling, who gave oral arguments this week in the 12th District Appellate Court, against the EPA for its decision to regulate carbon dioxide. There are literally hundreds of thousands of industries that emit carbon dioxide that ought to be regulated—if they’re really concerned about CO2—but the EPA decided to “tailor” the rules. In other words, they’ve decided to selectively pick which companies they’re going to regulate—and only apply the rules to them. If you’ve ever suspected that the Obama administration is anti-business, you need to listen to this week’s show. Despite what Obama says in public about being pro-business, you’ll get a peek behind the scenes at what’s really going on and the contempt his administration has for industry

Show 2-8 (Feb. 25, 2012): “Trevor Loudon Rebroadcast” Due to a last-minute guest cancellation (ah, the difficulties of targetting high-profile guests), we replaying a presentation by Trevor Loudon, an investigative journalist from New Zealand, which he gave to the Salem 912 Project about Obama’s communist ties. Oh, we’re not saying Obama’s a communist, per se, but there sure are an awful lot of communists surrounding him. With our liberty slowly eroding, it’s good to remember the who, what, and why is behind it. Who better to help us with that than an internationally famous investigative journalist?

Show 2-7 (Feb. 18, 2012): “The Health Exchange” Last year, Oregon’s Legislature approved having an health exchange on a contingency basis, if proponents were able to put together a suitable business plan. But is this a good idea or not? We talk with Jan Meekcoms, the State Director for NFIB-Oregon (National Federation of Independent Businesses) to get the perspective of this small-business organization, and with Lisa Lettenmaier, an independent insurance broker to get her expert take on the business proposal. And she’s not happy with it–and for good reason. And you’ve gotto hear what one democrat senator has to say about the funding for all of this.

Show 2-6 (Feb. 11, 2012): “The Fight Continues – Klamath Dam Removal Part 2” We continue our investigation into the efforts of the extreme left to remove the dams on the Klamath River. According to an eye witness, in a December 2010 meeting in Klamath Falls, the Commissioner of the Bureau of Reclamation called removing the dams a “precedent setting event”–indicating to those who heard it that the Snake and Columbia are next. We talk with U.S. Congressman, Tom McClintock, the powerful chairman of the subcommittee that would hear this bill. He’s very aware of what’s going on in Klamath—and passionate about it. We also have an equally fascinating discussion Dr. Bob Zybach about this whole process of “peer review”. And he blows a hole right through it.

Show 2-5 (Feb. 4, 2012): “The Fight Continues – Klamath Dam Removal” We head back to Klamath to get the latest from State Senator, Doug Whitsett. What do you get when you add bureaucrats, environmentalists, and flawed science? A per-determined decision that’s going to do nothing and cost ratepayers a bunch of money. If you have any hopes that letting them go ahead and remove the dams will solve things peacefully and people can get on with their lives, you’re absolutely delusional. Listen in to find out why.

Show 2-4 (Jan. 28, 2012): “Rebroadcast of our Energy Trust of Oregon Show” This state-sponsored agency takes 5% of your utility bill and uses nearly half of it to fund far left groups. Happy about that? (I wonder how happy liberals would be if that money went to far right groups instead?) We aren’t. The ETO is coming up for a sunset, and we think it’s time they rode off into it. We decided to air this show because we hope to do another ETO show in the near future. A great show if you haven’t heard it before and even if you have, it’s still a great show.

Show 2-3 (Jan. 21, 2012): “Oil Boom Part II” We take you back to North Dakota to get the skinny on the environmentalists and what they’re up to around these oil fields. In Part II, we talk environmentalists, the EPA, and the Keystone Pipeline. Knowing what happened in Oregon with the Spotted Owl, you just know the environmentalists are working their magic to undo all of North Dakota’s gains. We continue our talk with Vicky Steiner, the Executive Director of Oil and Gas Producing Counties, to get her insights on how North Dakota plans to handle the environmentalists.

Show 2-2 (Jan. 14, 2012): “Oil Boom Part I” I Spy takes you to North Dakota to examine the oil boom and what it means to their state. Last week, we talked about the effects of the federal timber payments ending in Oregon—you know, the ones made to rural counties that pay them not to harvest timber. Now, these rural counties are facing bankruptcy. We talk with Vicky Steiner and get an incredible contrast between what’s happening there vs. what’s going on here. North Dakota, a state with 700,000 residents, starts this year with a billion-dollar surplus. To put that in perspective, that’s like Oregon starting with surplus of $5.7 billion dollars.

Show 2-1 (Jan. 07, 2012): “Teetering Pile of Debt” We mark our one-year anniversary, and talk with our very first guest, attorney Ross Day, and with Representative Mike McLane (HD55) about the counties here in Oregon that are teetering on the verge of bankruptcy. First the federal government took away the forests and said people couldn’t harvest timber, robbing people of their livelihood. Then the counties became dependent on the federal subsidies in lieu of timber harvests. Now, the feds are out of money, which means the counties are out of luck. And that could mean bankruptcy–but what, exactly, does it mean when a county goes belly up?

2011 SHOW ARCHIVES (Year One)

Show #46 (Dec. 17, 2011): “EPA Train wreck” Last week, we headed to Australia to talk about the money behind Climate Change, which feeds it and keeps it going despite evidence to the contrary. This week, we talk to Todd Wynn, Director of the Energy, Environment and Agriculture Task Force for ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council), about the EPA’s massive overreach and destructive policies. ALEC, in a report to state legislators, describes this as a coming “train wreck.” If you listened to our “EPA Lawsuit” show, you know the EPA is already classifying carbon dioxide as a dangerous toxin—but that is nothing compared to the damage some of these other policies are about to do—and are about to affect all of us.

Show #45 (Dec. 10, 2011): “Warm Money.” It’s all about the money. And there’s scads of it funding the “man-made” global warming. To understand the money behind global warming, we turn to Joanne “Jo” Nova, who’s written extensively on the money behind global warming. She has some great information and resources on her website, including the Climate Change Scare Machine Map, which shows the the perpetual self-feeding cycle of alarm. And don’t miss her great booklet, The Skeptic’s Handbook: the Strategies and Tools you Need to Cut Through the Red-Herrings, which is available as a free download.

Show #44 (Dec. 3, 2011): “Lawsuit Abuse.” You’ve all seen them – those Wacky Warning Labels that tell you to avoid such common sense things as: “Warning! Hair dryer not intended for use in shower.” But there’s a more serious side to this: lawsuit abuse costs Americans jobs, competitiveness, and much more. We interview Bob Dorigo Jones, creator of the Wacky Warning Label Contest and author of the best-selling book, Remove Child before Folding: The 101 Stupidest, Silliest and Wackiest Warning Labels Ever.

Show #43 (Nov. 19, 2011): “Global Warming Skeptic – Part 2” In our Part 2 interview with Dr. Ball we discuss the impact global warming policies have on our lives. Costs to the policies are enormous and yet they’ve become a part of our daily life. Find out how the UN drives worldwide climate change policies and how deeply we’re connected to them in our own state through such organizations like the Energy Trust of Oregon.

Show #42 (Nov. 12, 2011): “Global Warming Skeptic – Part 1” We play devil’s advocate–hear the Global Warming Alarmists’ response to common sense arguments like, “what about that whole Ice Age you guys were predicting back in the 70s?
Faced with rising public skepticism, the Alarmists have launched new attacks against the skeptics and offer new arguments to debunk the debunkers.

Show #41 (Nov. 5, 2011): “EPA Lawsuit” Last year, the EPA determined CO2 is a “dangerous” greenhouse gas and needed to be regulated. It doesn’t matter that plants need carbon dioxide to, oh I don’t know, live, or any of that other silly stuff you learned in elementary school–Obama needs a reason to force “green” energy.

Show #40 (Oct. 29, 2011): “The Coming Tsunami” John Ratzenberger visits ISpy on Salem to talk about his efforts to bring attention to the huge tsunami of problems coming our way within the skilled labor industries if we don’t correct this and soon.

Show #39 (Oct. 22, 2011): “Trevor Loudon: Barack Obama and the Enemies Within“. We replay a speech to the Salem 912 Project by Trevor Loudon, an investigative reporter who’s been featured on Glenn Beck and other programs for his exhaustive research into government fraud and abuses.

Show #38 (Oct. 15, 2011): “Forestry Revisited” In preparation for an upcoming show with John Ratzenberger, we revisit the state of the foresty industry and replay portions of an May 14th interview with Rep. Sal Esquivel and Jim Geisinger, Exec. VP of Associated Oregon Loggers. Yes, money DOES grow on trees, if only we could get to work on them…

Show #37 (Oct. 8, 2011): “Small Businessmen Interviews” You often hear how important small business is to the economy but it seems too often you never actually hear from small business owners. Oct 2-4, they gathered in Sunriver for the NFIB Annual Business Summit and we took the opportunity to listen to their concerns. Due to time constraints, we did have to trim one of them–Rip Caswell’s interview. He has a fascinating story to tell. You can listen to his full interview, including what it took for him to build his business as an artist in the links below…

Show #36 (Oct. 1, 2011): “Klamath Dam Removal.” There are four dams on the Klamath River that the environmentalists want to remove to restore habit for Salmon. But why? And how did they arrive at “consensus” anyway? We interview Sen. Doug Whitsett, who has been involved in this from the start. Find out what the “consensus makers” conveniently never mention. For our regular listeners who’ve heard our past shows on property rights, you’ll definitely see some connections and the environmentalists’ methods put into practice.

Show #35 (Sept. 24, 2011): “Legislative Luncheon.” Thursday Sept 22nd, Tom DeWeese and Karen Budd-Falen gave presentations in Room 50 of the Capitol Building in front of a legislative luncheon. Tom gave a stinging indictment of Agenda 21 and its implementation, despite it being cast as a “conspiracy theory” by those who’d like to pretend it isn’t real–while they quietly implement it under “sustainability” or “smart growth”. Karen, who has given expert testimony to the U.S. House of Representatives on several occassions, provided details on how environmental groups use our own courts and laws to lock up land and remove property rights, which just happen to be part of the goals of Agenda 21. She also gives details on how they’re able to extract money from U.S. taxpayers to fund their efforts–and the complete inability (or unwillingness) of the government to stop them.

Show #34 (Sept. 10, 2011): “Oregon’s Financial House“. We interview Jonathan Williams, the co-author of “Rich States, Poor States,” a comprehensive report on which states are excelling and which are falling behind. His co-authors include Stephen Moore, of FoxNews and the Wall Street Journal, and Arthur B. Laffer, the originator of the famous Laffer curve.

Show #33 (August 27, 2011):Party Platforms Part 4: Jim Huffman” In the fourth and final in our series on Party Platforms, we continue our interview with Jim Huffman, a Constitutional attorney to get his thoughts on some in-depth elements of the party platform, such as land use, natural resources, and illegal immigration (like the “birth tourism” industry). Join us for an “inside baseball” discussion on party platform and principles.

Show #32 (August 20, 2011): “Party Platforms Part 3: Jim Huffman” In the third in our series on Party Platforms, we interview Jim Huffman and continue our series on party platforms. This is the third in our series on the ORP platform and we get into some great philosophical discussions about policy and putting the platform into action. Hear his thoughts from a Constitutional attorney’s perspective on how and what needs to be done to reform state and federal government–including some surprising solutions to deal with the regulations that work as a “shadow” legislature.

Show #31 (August 13, 2011): “Party Platforms – Part1: The Conservative View” The second in our series on Party Platforms focuses on party platforms from a legislator’s viewpoint–in this case, one of our favorite senators, Chris Telfer from Bend. What did the party platform mean to her and how did she use it while running? Her answer might surprise you. And it seems we can never talk with Chris without talking about the state’s finances, and then talk about how party platforms translate to policy decisions But then we find out who has the real power over government spending.

Show #30 (August 6, 2011): “Party Platforms – Part1: The Conservative View” The first in our series on Party Platforms. The election is a year away but the ORP wants to get the platform settled now to help recruit candidates. There’s also a movement afoot by the conservatives to develop a legislative agenda that will go along with the platform. We talk with Greg Kord of the Constitution party to get an “outsider’s” viewpoint. Greg, though, is a strong conservative as is our other guest, Kate Adams, the Chair of the Jefferson County Republican party. What do they, as good conservatives, feel needs to be in there and would drive them away.

Show #29 (July 23, 2011): “The LCDC” We talk with Dave Hunnicutt of Oregonians in Action (www.oia.org) about land-use rights issues and get an inside look at LCDC (Land Conservation and Development Committee), the powerful committee that governs land use.

Show #28 (July 16, 2011): “Federal Forests and the Spotted Owl.” Tom Partin has over 40 years experience in the timber industry and is president of the American Forest Resource Council. To be able to fight back, it’s important to understand how we got here. Tom gives us the history of how we’ve lost access to our own lands, especially what happened with the Spotted Owl fiasco—and gives us a look ahead at some new battlegrounds on the horizon.

Show #27 (July 9, 2011): “Introduction to Oregon’s Horse Industry.” This week, vacation’s over, and it’s back to business. We talk with Jennifer Johnson, Director of Oregon Horse Country about this incredible industry that seems to fly (or trot) below the radar.

Show #26 (July 2, 2011): “July 4th Celebration.” It’s Fourth of July weekend! We talk with Greg Leo, ORP communications director and amateur historian, about the history of the Fourth, its traditions and celebrations. Since Greg worked in Reagan’s administration, we even do a little reminiscing about the Reagan years–and get the early word about some great upcoming events in Oregon this summer.

Show #25 (June 25, 2011): “Agenda 21 – The Land Grab.” We continue our series on Agenda 21. In parts one and two, we talked about what it is and how they implement it. Now, we talk with expert land-use Karen Budd-Falen (Cheyenne, WY) and uncover how the extreme environmentalists want to lock up land. We also go more in depth to find out more about the legal loophole environmentalist are exploiting to fund themselves using taxpayer dollars.

Show #24 (June 18, 2011): “NFIB Legislative Wrap-Up.” Remember how, going in to this session, the legislature and governor were going to be all about jobs, jobs, jobs? So how’d the legislature do at their job?

Show #23 (June 11, 2011): “Fighting Back Against ICLEI.” We continue our series on Agenda 21. This week, we explore how this UN mandate for social re-engineering, disguised as “sustainability,” is implemented on the local level through ICLEI (the International Council on Local Environmental Initiatives) and other NGO’s (non-governmental organizations).
ICLEI: Don’t believe us?

Show #22 (June 4, 2011). “Attack of the 50-Foot Environmentalists.” We talk with Karla Kay Edwards of Cascade Policy Institute and Rex Storm of Associate Oregon Loggers to find out the tactics these “environmental” groups use to derail timber.

Show #21 (May 28, 2011). We were on vacation and replayed “A Businessman in Oregon,” which originally aired on Feb. 6th…

Show #20 (May 21st, 2011). “Agenda 21.” While “Agenda 21” might sound like a plot out of a spy novel, this UN mandate for “sustainable development” is already underway in Oregon. We interview Tom DeWeese to find out what this is and how it’s coming to a city near you. Tom DeWeese is the founder of the American Policy Center & author of “Now Tell Me I was Wrong.”

Show #19 (Air Date May 14th, 2011). “Money does Grow on Trees.” We discuss Oregon’s timber industry and why this natural resource sits idle while the state complains it doesn’t have enough money. And who’s really to blame. Rep. Sal Esquivel (HD6) and Jim Geisinger, Exec. VP of Associated Oregon Loggers, will talk about the solutions timber harvesting could bring to Oregon’s economic woes and what we can do about it..

Show #18 (Air Date May 7th, 2011). “The Healthcare Exchange.” Some are saying SB99 ushers Obamacare into Oregon. So why would otherwise-good-conservatives like Ted Ferrioli, Fred Girod, Brian Boquist, and others vote for this? In all, ten republicans voted for it in the senate. Why? Also, some strongly conservative business groups–that are adamantly opposed to Obamacare–are coming out in favor of it.

Show #17 (Air Date April 30th, 2011). “Steakholders vs Stakeholders ” or what Ranchers have to deal with to get food from farm to table.” We talk with Jim Welsh of the Oregon Cattlemens Association to get a better understanding of the cattle industry, including three of their big concerns: water, wolves, and public land. But we also talk about what they have to deal with in terms of government, bureaucracy, wolves, and stakeholders.

Show #16 (Air Date April 23rd, 2011). “Free Health Care! Come and Get It! ” We interview Dr. Eric Fruits who wrote a paper for Cascade Policy Institute on the Oregon Health Plan. Oregon, at one tiem, was seen as a model for the nation on health care for the poor but how’s it working out?

Show #15 (Air Date April 16th, 2011). Ironically, our host was sick during a week we planned to examine health care so we re-aired our interview with Brian Boquist. “Fees? What Missing Fees...?

Show #14 (Air Date April 9th, 2011). “Legislature Update and Lobbying.” First, an update onthe ETO story and where things lie. We then touch base with Jan Meekcoms of NFIB (National Federation of Independent Business) who raises the red flags on some business bills that she thought had gone away but have managed to resurface.

Show #13 (Air Date April 2nd, 2011). “The Energy ‘Trust’ of Oregon – Part 2” (part 2 of 2). Last week’s show gave the foundation and history of the ETO and how it has ballooned into a $100 million “non-profit” that funnels money to left-wing groups–and which you’re paying into whether you like it or not. If you pay utilities in Oregon, you’re paying an additional 3% on top of your bill that goes straight to the ETO.

Show #12 (Air Date Mar. 26, 2011). “The Energy ‘Trust’ of Oregon – Part 1” (part 1 of 2). This show started with multiple tips from several “spies”–meaning people who had some information about abuses happening at the Energy Trust of Oregon (ETO). Did you know you’re paying “dues” to this far-left group whether you like it or …not? It’s a 3-5% tax on your utility bill that went into effect back in 1999.The ETO has grown out of control. What was supposed to be a $10-20 million budget has grown by a factor of ten. Even Democrats are upset about the lack of transparency and how the money isn’t being used for its originally intended purpose: energy efficiency. Worse, nearly half of the budget each year, ends up in “admin” types of costs, which filters down to environmental “advocacy” groups. Imagine what the Tea Party could do with a $50 million ad budget each year.

Show #11 (Air Date Mar. 19, 2011). “The Coming Nonsense.” rather than face reality that we’re spending too much, liberals and the SEIU are targeting tax credits. And once again, they’re targeting the uninformed– because they know the majority of people won’t go and check out the source documents.

Show #10 (Air Date Mar. 12, 2011). “When Debts aren’t REALLY Debts.” Some of used to think that Oregon’s “balanced budget” constitutional amendment was supposed to keep us out of debt. Well, as I Spy has already exposed, that just isn’t so. We’re going to dig into Oregon’s debt and find out how we got in this mess and what can be done about it–before we end up like, oh I don’t know… the Federal Government?

Show #9 (Air Date March 5, 2011) – “NFIB – Doing it Right.” So are you getting the sense yet that business here in Oregon is out gunned and under fire? They are. And we’ll talk with Jan Meekcoms of the National Federation of Independent Businesses. NFIB just might qualify for the most-effective-activist-group-you’ve-never-heard-of award.

Show #8 (Air Date Feb. 26, 2011) – “Fees? What Missing Fees...?” We talk with Sen. Brian Boquist about some interesting facts they’ve uncovered about the Governor’s proposed budget. Like how fees are going up by 100s of millions but they’re not accounted for. Whoops! Now where’d we leave that billion dollars…

Show #7 (Air Date Feb. 19, 2011) – “The View from the Chair.” We talk with Allen Alley, chairman of the Oregon Republican Party and former candidate for governor and state treasurer–but more importantly an experienced businessman. What business principles would he bring to the state? What needs to change? What are his thoughts on the budget and the forecast?

Show #6 (Air Date Feb. 12, 2011) – “A Businessman in Oregon.” We hear all the time about how much the legislature impacts business… Is it spin or is it real? We’ll find out. We’ll be talking with Brent DeHart of Mission Street Shell who’ll tell you exactly what it’s like to be a businessman in Oregon.

Show #5 (Air Date Feb. 12, 2011) – “Reality Check.” Okay, so we’ve talked with Ray Burstedt of SEDCOR who indicated the whole jobs-moving-out-of-the-state thing might be spin. But that seemed to go against what Rep. Dennis Richardson had said was happening. Is Oregon an unfriendly place for business? What’s the reality? We check back in with Rep. Richardson to find out more.

Show #4 (Air Date January 29, 2011) – “The State of Business in the State.” A discussion with Jason Brandt of the Salem Area Chamber of Commerce and Ray Burstedt of SEDCOR (Strategic Economic Develeopment Corporation). How bad or how good are things here in the state for business?

Show #3 (Air Date January 22, 2011) – “Oregon’s Dirty Little Budget Secret.” A discussion with the co-chairs of the Ways & Means Committee, Rep.’s Dennis Richardson (R), and Peter Buckley (D). Oregon has Constitutional amendment to ensure we have a balanced budget, right? We may be spending a ton of money but at least we’re not going into debt to pay for it, right? Not so fast! Not only are we supposed to have a balanced budget but according to the constitution, the state is not allowed to borrow more than $50,000 without first getting the consent of the voters. Find out how Oregon’s dirty little budget secret and the legislature has gotten around constitutional requirements of years now. And how deep in debt we already are. Listen to to the show.

Show #2 (Air Date January 15, 2011) – How’d that Election Work out for You?” Panel discussion among grassroots, republican, and constitution party.

Show #1 (January 8, 2011) – “State Government 101.” Everything you probably ought to know about state government (but probably don’t). We interview Ross Day to find out how Oregon’s state government works, and where the weak points are to derail bad bills.