Weather Underground Co-Founder Fundraising for Dem Gov Candidate

Submitted by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton on April 22, 2014 – 4:56 pm EST Mainstreaming real domestic terrorists, including a co-founder of the Weather Underground. Stunning. Talk about “The Enemies Within.” Bernardine Dohrn’s Nomination For The First Circuit Court of Appeals “The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress,” by Trevor Loudon. Order your copy today! $34.95 +s/h…

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Trevor Loudon Enemies Within

NoisyRoom: Proof Nancy Pelosi Is A Communist (And An Enemy Within)

By: Kris Zane Western Journalism How exactly America has gotten to this point—and how we are going to find our way back is uncertain. But we must try. Nancy Pelosi, former Speaker of the House, is a communist. This according to Trevor Loudon’s blockbuster book, The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress. And Pelosi is just…

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NoisyRoom: Russia Today Anchor Quits Job on Air: I Am Proud to Be an American

Posted on March 6, 2014 by TMH By: Brent Parrish The Right Planet Well, this is something you don’t see every day. An American anchor for Russia Today resigned live on the air. Via The Blaze: American news anchor Liz Wahl quit her job at the state-owned TV network Russia Today live on the air Wednesday, saying she is “proud…

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Must see! Powerful and Frightening Testimony on Obama Intimidation

Submitted by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton on February 8, 2014 – 3:45 pm EST By: James Simpson Catherine Engelbrecht, President of True the Vote I am proud to call Catherine Engelbrecht, President of True the Vote, (, a friend. I have written about their amazing organization and its singular achievements in exposing vote fraud a number of times. For example, here,…

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2014 SC Tea Party with Trevor Loudon

Hear! Hear! Trevor Loudon at The 2014 SC TEA Party in Myrtle Beach, Warning of the ‘Enemies Within’

As a featured speaker at the 2014 South Carolina TEA Party Convention in Myrtle Beach, January 19th, author and activist Trevor explained why he cares about America and why he wrote his second book, “The Enemies Within.” “I vowed to make this book smaller than the last one—but it’s actually bigger. Because those bloody Commies just kept on coming.” “What…

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Trevor Loudon Tour 2013 Photo

THE ENEMIES WITHIN — Chilling Interview with Trevor Loudon: Obama is a Leninist

Posted on January 11, 2014 by TMH on By: Sara Noble Independent Sentinel Trevor Loudon’s latest book, The Enemies Within, is a book everyone should own. It contains invaluable reference material on communists and communist sympathizers in our government today. The many profiles in communism contained in the book will leave you stunned. It outlines the workings behind modern…

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Enemies 2013-2014 Cover

Trevor Loudon: This Is Very Serious; It Is a Communist Takeover

Posted on January 11, 2014 by TMH at By: Brent P. The Right Planet (Rest of the interview below) Trevor Loudon: the New World Order and a dire prediction if we don’t change course Trevor Loudon on Bill de Blasio Trevor Loudon: Is Obama moving us towards some form of European socialism? Trevor Loudon: Are Progressives Communists Trevor Loudon: You…

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Western Conservative Conference 2014 logo

Trevor Loudon, RE: Western Conservative Conference — I’ll Be There Feb 21-22!

Submitted by Trevor on January 5, 2014 – 6:40 am EST Lori Klein announces the Western Conservative Conference 2014, in Phoenix, Arizona on February 21-22 at the Phoenix Convention Center. Conservative speakers include Paul Gosar, David Schweikert, Matt Salmon, Ted Nugent, Neil Boortz, Darla Dawald, Rep. Paul Gosar, Steven Seagal, Russell Pearce and though not mentioned here, Trevor Loudon. Trevor…

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Trevor Loudon, Cliff Kincaid, and Jerry Kenney (Video): Communist Revolution, Here and Abroad

The Communist Revolutionary Process, Dubbed “The Shadow World.” Submitted by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton on December 20, 2013 – 6:31 am EST By: Brent P. The Right Planet Trevor Loudon joins Cliff Kincaid and Jerry Kenney to discuss the world revolutionary process, dubbed “Shadow World” by the late Robert Chandler, on resurgent Russia, the Global New Left, and radical Islam. The newsletter,…

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I SPY Radio: Be Part of Taking Down the ETO / Energy Trust of Oregon [Video]

GripNW-ETO from Bombastic Productions on Vimeo. Help us with our crowdfunding effort! We need to reach our fundraising goal as quickly as possible to start the investigation. Whatever you can contribute will help us immediately to hire forensic accountants and investigators to dig into what they’re up to. PLEASE CLICK HERE TO HELP. Thank you for your support!   “The…

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