2014 SC Tea Party with Trevor Loudon

Hear! Hear! Trevor Loudon at The 2014 SC TEA Party in Myrtle Beach, Warning of the ‘Enemies Within’

As a featured speaker at the 2014 South Carolina TEA Party Convention in Myrtle Beach, January 19th, author and activist Trevor explained why he cares about America and why he wrote his second book, “The Enemies Within.” “I vowed to make this book smaller than the last one—but it’s actually bigger. Because those bloody Commies just kept on coming.” “What…

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Enemies 2013-2014 Cover

Trevor Loudon: This Is Very Serious; It Is a Communist Takeover

Posted on January 11, 2014 by TMH at Noisyroom.net By: Brent P. The Right Planet (Rest of the interview below) Trevor Loudon: the New World Order and a dire prediction if we don’t change course Trevor Loudon on Bill de Blasio Trevor Loudon: Is Obama moving us towards some form of European socialism? Trevor Loudon: Are Progressives Communists Trevor Loudon: You…

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Martha Zoller WGAU 1340 portrait

Radio Interview With Trevor Loudon: How the TEA Party Can Save America

On Thursday, September 12th,  author Trevor Loudon was interviewed by the radio hosts of the Zoller and Bryant Show, broadcast 6:00–9:00 am, weekdays on Fox NewsTalk (WGAU 1340), Athens, GA. Trevor was asked how to save America. Here’s what he had to say: Trevor itemized four key issues that need to be turned around before America can be saved. He believes…

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