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This Week on I Spy Radio (May 10-11) The Next Revolution: Taking Back our States’ Lands

See our radio broadcast schedule below or head to http://www.ispyradio.com/listen. All stations stream live! Our Guest: President of American Lands Council, Utah Rep. Ken Ivory This week: Here in Oregon, 53% of our land is held in trust by the federal government, which locks away access to natural resources and deprives our state of revenues.  Right now, Oregon’s lands are…

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‘Myth Making’: Political Parties & Synergy of the Good/Bad by Brent Parrish

Submitted by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton on January 26, 2014 – 8:52 am EST By: Brent Parrish The Right Planet (Credits: LT. Powell, Pacific Freedom Foundation) I’m honored to announce a collaborative effort with LT. Robert Powell of the Pacific Freedom Foundation. LT. Robert Powell is a military instructor, Retired Chamber President, and Oregon native who has compiled some excellent materials on…

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This Week At I Spy Radio: January 11-12, 2014 — Shannon Goessling and Sheriff Gil Gilbertson

Policy and You – Environmental Policies Run Amok Who Needs to Listen to this Week’s Show? Everyone in Portland (or New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, etc.) who push environmental policies, that’s who. They need to hear the real damage their policies do and the impact they have on people’s lives. Those living in cities who think it’s fine to shut…

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I SPY Radio: Dr. Don Easterbrook talks about CO2 and th Global Warming Hoax

This Week on I SPY Radio: CO2 is NOT our Enemy — December 21, 2013

See our radio broadcast schedule below or head to http://www.ispyradio.com/listen. All stations stream live! The Best Of I SPY Radio: Scientist, Dr. Tom Easterbrook This week: In economics there’s a principle known as “opportunity cost.” Simply put, it’s what else could we have spent our money on? Let’s say you’re the government and you had 70 billion dollars. One choice…

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This Week on I SPY Radio With Guest Dr. Tim Ball — December 7, 2013:

I SPY Radio Global Warming Falling Apart? See our radio broadcast schedule below or head to http://www.ispyradio.com/listen.  All stations stream live! Our Guest: Climatologist, Dr. Tim Ball This week: The hurricane season for 2013 ended among the top-five quietest seasons since 1960.  This is bad news for global warming alarmists, who have sunk much of their marketing efforts into natural…

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This Week On I SPY Radio: Well-Intended Leftist Policies in Action — Nov 16, 2013

I SPY Radio EPA — Disasters in the Making A Big Welcome to our Two Newest Affiliates!  KLBM 1450AM (La Grande, OR) and KBKR 1490AM (Baker City, OR), Saturday’s 11:00 to noon (PST) and streaming live at http://supertalknews.com. Head to http://www.ispyradio.com/listen to find our stations and broadcast times (Pacific Standard Times).  All stations stream live! (Programming note for KYKN listeners:…

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Salley Jewell of California

NoisyRoom: Feds Get Ready To Seize More Land

Submitted by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton on November 12, 2013 – 9:47 am EST NoisyRoom.net  |  TrevorLoudon.com By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton Hat Tip: Carol Ray Cross-Posted at Right Wing News Interior Secretary Sally Jewell says she may recommend that President Obama act unilaterally to create new national monuments if Congress remains gridlocked. She recently visited some sites in California. (Dan Joling / Associated…

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I SPY Radio: Host Mark Anderson describes the ETO project to the Executive Club [Video]

I SPY RADIO Posted by Mark Anderson · September 06, 2013 8:11 AM On Wednesday, September 4, 2013, Mark Anderson was invited by Gregg Clapper to describe the project that I Spy Radio is funding to investigate the finances of the Energy Trust of Oregon (ETO). The crowd seemed pretty receptive. Mark Anderson and I Spy Radio Introduced at Executive…

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The Cover of Agenda 21

Agenda 21

NEW! Crimes Against Humanity (You) Are Being Executed Right Here — Right Now — In Your State and Town This newly published report was written to fully explain the subject of Agenda 21, also called Sustainable Development, Smart growth, Green Cities, and numerous other titles. The pages here tell a history of the processes that have been working behind the…

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